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uwawawawa ~~ ^^
Monday, May 30, 2011 • Permalink • Add comment {0}
first thing i want to say . ALHAMDULILLAH !! :) 

u want to know why right ? because , since i can't sign in my blog , i panic n start wanna crying :'( -____- LOL right ? HAHA ! . because i love my bloggie sooooo muchhh ! muahmuahmuah !! i dont know why , but when i want to sign in , the "GUARD" will say , please verify your email .. HUH ! just now , i change my email then i make a new google mail !HUH . i felt shooooo relieve ! HAHA ! actually , there's a lot of story that i wanna tell u my dearest bloggie :* oppss i forgot there has stalkers ! ohoo ~ HYEE STALKERS ! XD

first , i would like to tell u bout my new friend . he is from Nigeria , Africa . his name is FALEKULO ADEOLA . how i met him ? like this , i know him from my twitter . hee~:D do u hve a twitter ? yess ? okay now follow me .. just u click the "TWITTER" button here . n follow :D:D hee~:) thanks guys ! LOVEU MUAHMUAH ! :*
eh , back to the story . then , i tweet him .. i said "hey visionboy8 , add me in my facebook .*my facebook link* u can chat with me there :)"
hoho :L then , i login my facebook , i looked there has a request . wow ! that is from him . i just approved him . cuz i wanna test my speaking with him . **oh just a practise to improve my english darl**
now , if u all wan to know him .. u can follow his twitter here "HIS TWITTER" or u wanna add him on your facebook ? u can add him here "HIS FACEBOOK" ..

hm , then . he said , my english was not too bad . but i had an excellent english ! with no wrong . n blablabla . wowhh ! THANKS MAN ! ~ u've praised me too much about my speaking . HAHA ! u make me shy now . hee~ :) LOLZZ T___T

hm ,, let me think .. hm , i guess maybe just that i wanna to story at u all .. hm , btw . I'M HAPPY NOW GOT MY BLOG AGAINN !!!!!!! weee~~~~ :D:D:D