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Muhammad Fuad :D
Friday, November 11, 2011 • Permalink • Add comment {0}
Hi EarthLink! :) How your day? Exams? Results? K I know. Hahah,

About the title, i found this little boy at FACEBOOK k:) He is Form Two guys! Schools at Tunku Besar Tampin. K i know that's pretty far from my place. :)

He's the best one. Cute and Nice to me. He respect me. Hahah, nice one right? Btw, He's the only my smexy brother. I've no one. My last brother that unrespect me, Najmi, he was mad at me because i didn't reload his credit. Hahah, LOL right? Such an unexpected thing.

But this boy, because he respect me. So me respect him :) He got a girlfriend who such a cute one. Like him. HueHueHue :3 but i can't upload her photo here because i unfriend with her in FACEBOOK. So i just get know you my little smexy brother :3

^^ Muhammad Fuad Jalalauddin
^^ Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Besar Tampin
^^ 14 years old
^^ Crazy :p,nice, friendly
^^ Already owned by Syahiera Syafieqa

p;s from me > Be nice to anyone adik :) Wish you happy beside your family and your little cute girlfriend :)

kbaii guys :*