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Nice Day Or Else ? -.-
Sunday, January 15, 2012 • Permalink • Add comment {0}

Assalamualaikum and Hi Earthlink :) How's your day? How about your life? Better? Alhamdulillah and good. Somes are not better, please keep patient k darling? ;) Me, since the day start schooling, just busy of my school things, homeworks, some presentation, class things. By the way, I am the class decorater. Hahahah :D Hows that? Am I creative enough? Yea, of course lah :P
For many years I hold that job, as class decorater, school's library decorater. But, no more than that? Oh How Sad :'( Hahahah. No hal lahh :)

Actually, whole day i with my bad mood. Just because of him. And you know, I met Shaffiq just now at Alor Gajah. Oh, how miss at him. But, arhhh. Forget it then. He is my history, I guess :3

Just want to share, maybe I'm too happy to be with my friends until the day end, I'm back home. Just straight with my bad mood. Alah, just a little fought. Misunderstanding. But I sick of it! -.- PLEASEE UNDERSTAND :(

Online my Twitter, just for relaxing and just want to cure my miss at him. But, down. His profile. Kantoi dahh. Hahahah :D Bukan apa, just with his foster sister. Dah baik dah. So, howcome. Takkan nak larang kot. If that going to make him feel HAPPY, Just Go! Even my heart is hurt. Keep my jealousy of him :) Hahaha, kuat kan saya? :D As long as I can remain, I will hold it. I will face it :')

But, today. 14 January 2012 such a hurt day for me. Really. With no food, untidy room, untidy my study table, with my not be presentation. Huh, cukup cukup tension. Cukup cukup sakit. Just hold my tears, I dont want them to fall again. :') Remain strong ^^

Assalamualaikum :):